Disable Network Manager

Identifying managed network interfaces

The first thing you must do is to identify which network interfaces are being managed, and for that purpose you can use the following CLI command.

nmcli device status
Network Manager – managed network interfaces

As you can see in the screenshot above the network interface we want to work with is the one which “type” says “ethernet” and whose name is “enp0s3“.

Network Manager current status

In order to see the current status of the Network Manager service you can use the following CLI command.

systemctl status NetworkManager
Network Manager service – current status

Stopping Network Manager service

Stopping the Network Manager service is just a matter of executing the right CLI command, see below.

systemctl stop NetworkManager

Permanently disable Network Manager

Once you’ve stopped the Network Manager service you can proceed to disable it permanently using the following CLI command.

systemctl disable NetworkManager
Permanently disable Network Manager

Check if Network Manager is disabled

If you are like me, you are happy double checking things, then use the following CLI command to be absolutely sure that Network Manager has been disabled.

systemctl list-unit-files | grep NetworkManager
systemctl list-unit-files (double check Network Manager is disabled)

Network Script

As you probably know the network script containing all the network related data is located in the following path:


You can make use of the “find” command with the interface name previously found “enp0s3” as follow to get the path to the network script.

find / -name *-enp0s3
Find network script

Updating the Network Script

Once you’ve located the Network Script you must change it manually to reflect the new settings, from now on the Network Manager is no longer in charge.

Disable Network Manager

Restart Network

systemctl restart network
systemctl restart network

Connectivity check using ping

The last step would be to check the connectivity and for that we can perfectly use “ping” if you’re able to reach WAN sites that mean that the network settings now static are OK and Network Manager has been sueccesfully disabled.

connectivity check using ping

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